7 Tips to Eating Healthily to Reduce PCOS Symptoms and Become Pregnant

Dieting is never easy, but eating healthily does not have to be such a mountain to climb. You don’t realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you’re going to learn that little changes to your diet really can reduce PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) symptoms and increase your chances of being more fertile.

The best way to start is to make small lifestyle changes you can live with. When you want to reduce PCOS symptoms and get pregnant, you’ll have all the motivation that you need to succeed, with these easy healthy eating tips.

It’s all about getting good nutrition into your body and defeating PCOS, whilst eating healthily, so banish the thought of dieting and think of all the reasons that you should incorporate these tips into your daily regime.

  1. Use Smaller Plates
    When you use larger plates you often forget what a healthy portion actually is and eat more than you intend. It is easy to use smaller plates to cut your portion size. This means that instead of changing what you eat completely, you can eat less of it, especially if it is high in carbohydrates and fat.
    When you place a smaller portion on a smaller plate, your plate can still look full, but you will end up eating less, losing weight and still feeling satisfied. Losing just 5% of your body weight can improve PCOS symptoms.
  2. Choose Healthy Alternatives
    Ideally choose as many foods as you can, which have low sugar and high fiber content, like fresh fruits, non starchy vegetables, whole grains and high fiber cereals.
    It’s about training yourself to choose the healthiest alternative and knowing that eating the healthy option will be giving your body the right nutrition to fight PCOS and make you more fertile.
  3. Don’t Wolf Down Your Food
    I’m not saying that you should eat your meals as slowly as a snail would, but when you are eating take your time, savor the taste and enjoy it. When youeat slowly, your stomach will have the time to tell your brain that you are full, so you don’t overeat. Another weight loss tip, which is easy to do and canmake all the difference in getting rid of PCOS.
  4. Check Your Eating Habits
    Many people eat at other times than meal time, for a variety of reasons, like depression, boredom, pleasure, force of habit or stress. Whether this is a concern depends on what you eat at these times and how healthy, or calorific, your choices are.
    If this is a problem area for you, than you can try to stop this ‘non-hungry’ eating by eating meals more often. Healthy eating is one of the keys to increasing fertility.
  5. Eating More Often
    Eating small frequent meals, approximately every four hours helps to prevent low blood glucose levels, which is often a factor in PCOS symptoms. This way of eating meals also makes you more energized, full and often you end up eating less.
  6. Drink Enough Water
    Water is one of life’s necessities and making sure that you drink enough (8 glasses a day and more when you exercise, or it’s hot) keeps your body in optimum condition, ready to fight PCOS and increase your fertility. In addition to this, drinking a glass of water before eating a meal will mean that you get fuller faster.
  7. Exercise Moderately
    Even moderate exercise will get you healthier. Anything that improves your overall health and well being will help you get rid of PCOS symptoms because exercise improves insulin resistance. Every bit of activity counts, so walking around the block, or taking the stairs instead of the lift can make all the difference, without taking up too much time.

These lifestyle changes don’t have to be hard to make, especially with your motivation to get pregnant. Your body will thank you for treating it right and these changes will fast become habit.

Source by Bismark K Ampofo