Advantages of Taking Natural Supplements

There is a lot of hype associated with taking various types of nutritional products, especially dietary supplementation. In fact, it is a huge business and the trends are continuing to climb among consumers who hope to find a natural product that can either treat a health condition, enhance their body’s performance or provide better health. In today’s climate of rising health care costs and uncertain health care coverage, there is a growing interest in using preventive, alternative measures to ensure good health. That’s where natural supplements have filled the niche.

What are the advantages of using supplements instead of drugs?

There are several advantages to using natural nutritional products instead of synthetic drugs, in cases where this can be applied. Pharmaceutical grade natural supplements generally do not contain any chemical fillers, binders or other substances that might be harmful to the body. Also, natural nutritional aids are not generally addictive as are some medicines. Another common sense reason to take nutritional products where applicable instead of using drugs, is the fact many natural substances work synergistically with the body. In other words, some of these products have similar components to the substances that the body itself actually produces.

For example, natural progesterone is a highly effective supplement cream that is used by many women to help balance their body system from the effects of too much estrogen in the body. Women use it for PMS, menopause and other health issues, as well as simply add it to their daily regimen for good health. It offers a variety of benefits such as retaining bone density, regulating periods, acting as a mild diuretic, promoting restful sleep, soothing nerves, promoting healthy skin, reducing hot flashes, lessening facial hair after menopause and a host of other benefits. The reason it is so effective and generally safe for most women, is the fact that it is produced from natural sources such as the wild yam. It works effortlessly with the body’s system and produces extraordinary results for many women.

Some women, however, have resorted to synthetic hormones such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to get similar results, but also heighten their risk of cancer as well as other serious side effects. Some medical doctors, in fact, recommend using natural progesterone for many problems as well as to support good health in women. There are other advantages to using various natural supplements rather than drugs, such as ease of use, less possible side effects, and cost considerations. While it’s true that there are many important uses for traditional drugs that are quite necessary, natural nutritional supplements offer an alternative to some drugs, and are quite safe as well as effective.

Source by P.S. Orr