Butt Exercises, Dos and Don’ts

Sorry, your feelings don’t matter that much.

Women, they’re so preoccupied with their feelings. You see feelings don’t get in the way for us guys; after all, you know what they say…. “Deep down we’re shallow”. (You’re supposed to smile not agree). When it comes to getting a great body, feelings don’t necessarily equate to results. Yet, I still hear comments like the following; “I know it works my butt cause I can feel the burn”. When you raise your hand in class for five minutes you felt the burn but it didn’t give you great shoulders. Yet for some reason we’re told getting on all fours and lifting our leg repeatedly will give us a great butt. You will never get a great butt this way. If anyone tells you this is a great butt developing exercise, they’re either clueless about butt development or lying to you. You need challenge your butt with heavier weights to develop it.

“My new workout program is the best. I’ve never felt so sore before.”

You switch to a new more painful program and get the same results. Some people are so proud of their soreness but remain just as chubby as always. I don’t get it. If I proudly told you I quit my job for new job with harder work, worse hours and the same pay, you’d think I was crazy or a moron. Besides, is your goal to be extremely sore or get a great body? If you want to be sore all the time just find a “mean girl” to slap you around on a regular basis. Don’t misunderstand me, how it feels definitely matters, but it’s not enough. Ultimately, everything takes a back seat to results. Remember to stay outcome driven, not feelings or soreness driven.

A supermodels secret to being so tall

You want a flat tummy so you buy the program that a fashion model or famous actress uses since they have perfect stomachs. The problem is they’ve always had perfect stomachs. Where’s the improvement? Nothing changed, and please don’t show me a “before picture” taken 3 weeks after giving birth. A program shouldn’t take credit for giving someone the body they’ve always had. For example the girl who always had a great body can choose the program she enjoys the most. It doesn’t even have to be very effective. In other words, if you got an A- in your English class and you barely tried, then how you studied clearly wasn’t the reason for your success. It just came easy for you. Let’s say I studied hard and got a B-, but if I followed your study habits I would have done even worse. So don’t make the mistake of following someone whose assets are the sole result of a genetic gift.

Basics for the best butt workouts

1) High tension: This is accomplished through high speed or heavy loads or both. This means 15 Bulgarian split squats holding dumbbells are better than 50 body weight squats.

2) Full range of motion: shorten the muscles all the way and lengthen them. (deep squats, deep lunges, deep Bulgarian split squats & high hip thrusts)

3) Sticking your butt out during exercises will have a huge effect on targeting the butt muscles. It should feel as if your butt muscles are about to tear.

4) Time: You have to spend the most time on the muscles you want to develop the most. You can’t do six minutes of butt shaping exercises at the end of a workout and expect results.

5) Heel drive: Push through your heel and the result will be more posterior (butt/hamstring) development

One last trick for your tush

Get a grip on your glutes. The butt muscles tend to be lazy. You have to constantly force them to help with the lifting. Your legs will do too much of the lifting unless you focus on those glutes. An excellent way to make them work is just by touching them. Place your hand on your butt during the exercises and you’ll instantly become more aware of the muscles. Try it. You can feel and focus on the glute muscles contracting.

Source by JP Sampson