Cancer Protocol Part 8: Positive Mental Attitude


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“In a spiritual sense, a positive attitude may help you get through chemotherapy and surgery and radiation and what have you. But a positive mental attitude does not cure cancer – any more than a negative mental attitude causes cancer.”

~ Siddhartha Mukherjee

If you do everything else I recommend, including changing your diet and drinking more water if you do not have a positive attitude you will not succeed in trying to be healthy. If your thoughts are negative then you were working against yourself.

To be successful regarding your health, I recommend you develop a relationship with God. The power and strength that we get from prayer is an entirely different experience from anything else we know. I recommend you take a moment each day to pray and meditate in absolute peace. Doing this for a few minutes would be great. An entire hour would be fantastic!

Negativity and anger create free radicals and acidity in the body, which generates stress resulting in more free radicals and acidity. Our organs are forced to work harder as our muscles tense, restricting blood flow to the extremities. This is a significant attack on our health.

Negative thoughts bring cloudiness to the mind, as does a full stomach. An empty stomach kindles clear thinking. Negativity holds our minds hostage as our thoughts are hurled down blind alleys and into a thousand corners chasing phantoms and nothingness. It robs us of our energy, both mental and physical.

A calm mind replete with positive thoughts is able to think, concentrate and solve problems. A negative mind with its scattered thoughts creates the environment of disease. A positive mind, with its focus and balance, creates an environment of health.

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