Carpal Tunnel – Improve With Yoga Instead of Surgery!

Yoga is the answer! Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is detected when a person feels pain, weakness and stinging sensation in the hands and wrists. Median nerve controls movement and sensation in the hand, its compression produces a numbness in the index finger, the thumb and the middle finger. This condition mostly affects people who work long hours on the computers. A regimen based on certain yoga exercises can help relieve pain of people who suffer from CTS. A set of yoga asanas will stretch muscles and joints of the affected part, tone them, strengthen them and free them from discomfort.

Yoga postures to cure CTS are so simple that you can practice them even during working hours. For optimum results, you must hold each pose for a few breaths and allow maximum stretch; it is also important not to overdo any exercise as that will prove harmful for the already strained muscles. Full body stretch at the wall, as its name suggests, elongates your arms and fingers, sides of the torso and shoulder blades. It also firms your legs and renders the whole body supple and lithe. Extended full body stretch can be performed even if you are working at your office desk. This exercise will work muscles of the entire body; firming and toning them. Shoulder stretching pose will help elongate the spine and tone the tailbone, it will stretch arms and shoulders too. You can work on your forearm and wrist using the wall for pressing against it. This will make the muscles of your fingers, thumbs and forearms powerful.

To widen the chest area, interlock your fingers behind your back with the palms facing the upper body. Roll your shoulders back, without thrusting your ribs. Stretch your elbows and arms on the exhale and hold this posture for a few breaths. On an exhale, bend your elbows and bring your wrists to the right side waist, gently pressing the right elbow towards the left. Then bring the wrists to the other side. Repeat this sequence with fingers linked the opposite way. To open up the mid-back region of your body, hug your body. Exhaling, bring the lower arms at right angles to the floor, the palms should face each other; stretch the fingers up. On the next exhale, raise the elbows up to shoulder level. Hold for a few breaths and then repeat.

You can shape your finger- muscles by extending each finger and pressing it against the surface of a table. To work on your thumbs, place your right palm on the desk top with your wrist straight. Loosen all your fingers. With your left hand, slowly stretch the thumb of your right hand away from the forefinger. Hold for a few breaths and repeat with the other hand. Sitting pose, neck release, and torso twist are also beneficial for relief of CTS symptoms. At the end of each session, allow tension to flow out of your body by letting arms, hands, fingers and shoulders droop limply. You can easily hold this routine in your breaks at work. Once practiced regularly, it will bring a noticeable improvement in the power of your hands and reduce pain.

Source by Chris Ramos