Detox Diet Supplements – Are They the Real McCoy?

There are a number of detox diet supplements that are on the market right now that in terms of their effectiveness, are shady at best.

At least they can be argued to be highly skeptical when it comes to their performance at cleansing the liver, kidney and intestine as is often purported by brands as they contain very few anti-oxidants which are needed to detox these organs.

How Best to Detox Naturally

The best way to detox as argued by dietitians is simply to stop eating trans fatty foods, processed carbs and non-lean meats, along with refraining from alcohol and obviously quitting smoking, and substituting these foods with simply plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In combination with lots of water along with regular exercise – this is the fastest way to accomplish a successful detox so if you choose a certain “lemon detox diet” product for example, you will more than likely be paying for a detox that simply advises you to drink water and lemonade, perhaps with maple syrup – all of which can be purchased and carried out for a few dollars not $40.

Are Detox Diets Safe?

Sticking to the “Lemon Master Cleanse” as an example where you’re advised to consume these drinks 3 times a day or more in replacement for regular meals, undoubtedly you will lose weight in the short term quite dramatically but most likely it will cause digestive troubles, uncomfortable bowel movements and effect blood sugar levels or inflict certain joint pains.

Therefore if you have decided to choose a detox product to help you lose weight you should always supplement your diet with additional trace minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants which are flushed out when you commit to a liquid detox.

The Most Effective Ways to Body Cleanse

The best way to cleanse your body as explained above should therefore be through consuming a wide variety of healthy organic foods taken over a period of approximately one month.

In addition there are nutritional ways that compliment these diets that are not simply a glass of lemon water, but actual anti-oxidants which are used in over the counter pharmaceutical detoxes.

These contain vegetable and herb extracts that cleanse the liver and intestine and provide an overall improvement to your body’s metabolism.

Freeze-cracked bee pollen is also one way to help stabilize and maintain your current weight after a successful detox and it’s often taken by athletes and people who work out to replace rich healthy carbs and proteins, which you can purchase from local health food stores and should cost you no more than $15 lasting up to at least a few months.

Source by Richard R Michaels