Divine Love And Lights Meditation Technique

Meditation improves concentration, increase self-awareness and help us to overcome stress as well as helps us to get along better with others. Meditation is also used to improve physical and mental well being. Some have been able to overcome depression or drug/alcohol addiction with meditations.

I have been practicing and teaching meditation since 2001, relatively new to “old school” meditation standard (which need over 10 years to master), but Divine Love & Lights Meditation Technique has changed my life, and the lives of my family, in a profound positive way.

I believe that this Meditation Technique can do the same for everyone who learns the basic skills. For those of you who has learned or practiced any other meditation technique, this will bring you to another level. Divine Love & Lights Healing Meditation will empower you without any rules or ritual that you associated with the old school meditation technique. This is much easier and much more effective and enjoyable to practice.

The beginners need not to worry about this technique, as it is so easy to practice and to master. It’s not about sitting in a very strenuous position, or mumbling a strange words (although you are more than welcome to do so J ). The Divine Love & Lights Healing Meditation is so simple. All you need to do is take a comfortable position, then you’re set to go.

After getting an attunement from a Master, You can start practicing right away. All you need to do is spare 10 minutes of your time to do Self Healing by putting both hands on your upper chest area and say: Divine Love & Lights ON!

Yes, 10 minutes a day is all you need to spend for self healing (if you do not have a health problem). Compare this to Reiki where you need to spend at least 60 minutes to do self healing. This much shorter period was made possible because by doing Divine Love & Lights Technique, You access higher vibration of the Divine Energy. The Divine Energy is the purest and the best Energy for Healings as well as for Spiritual growth.

Divine Love & Lights Technique will also bring You in a “deepest meditation state” faster than any other technique. Meditating has never been this easy and fun before.

Source by Jethro Jiang