Elliptical Machine Benefits and Review

An elliptical machine also known as elliptical trainers should be in your future, Whether you’re looking for an aerobic workout, burn calories to lose weight or tone your muscles. A visit to any gym and even homes will show you that the elliptical machine has skyrocketed in terms of popularity, leaving machines like the treadmill and the stair machine in the dust. If you are wondering why this elliptical exercise equipment is so popular, just take a look at some of the reasons below.

Elliptical Design

The elliptical machine is designed to be gentle on your body. This is one of the very few exercise machines that provides an excellent impact-free cardiovascular workout. When you use the elliptical trainer, you will find that your feet never leave the pedals. Because your weight is steadily supported, you’ll find that your body is not jarred or made uncomfortable. Similarly, you’ll find that the unique handlebars give you an good upper body workout as well, something that is neglected by treadmills. You will find that movement of the pedals and the handlebars combine to give you a thorough, full-body workout, which few exercise machines can do.

Physical Benefits

As mentioned above, the elliptical machine is impact free. If you have joint issues or problems with your ligaments or tendons, the elliptical machine is a great way for you to to stay in shape without pain or re-injury. So often, after injuries, doctors tell us to stay active, but what happens when our favorite activities are too strenuous? An elliptical machine is the solution to this problem; you’ll find a elliptical trainer will give you as much force as you need to work with while still being gentle enough to keep you from re-injuring yourself. Similarly, a elliptical machine can make sure that there is some variety in your exercise. Change the setting on the handlebars or put the pedals into reverse mode. One of the most important things about good exercise is that it needs variety to be effective; with a treadmill, you can only change the grade of the platform, while with a elliptical machine, you’ll be able to change the entire nature of exercise routines.

Cardio benefits

Elliptical Trainers have made quite a splash with the fact that they exercise the full body. Because it engages the entire body, rather than just the lower or upper part, the elliptical machine gives you a workout that will promote your entire body working together. You control the force that you put into the exercise, you’ll find that you can exert yourself as much or as little as you like without being dependent on dials and buttons when you want to make a slight change in your routine.

Weight loss benefits

When you use an elliptical machine, you will shortly realize that you are expending less effort but burning calories while getting a more thorough workout. Because the elliptical machine is driven by your motions, you will be engaging more muscles than you would be if you were on a treadmill or a stair machine. The elliptical machine has been said to be the most efficient machine to be created in terms of weight loss, and because it targets the abdominal muscles and the leg muscles, it is an excellent way for you to tone up any areas that you have been having problems with.

If you’ve never used an elliptical machine before, you owe it to yourself to at least go get on board one and take it for a spin, so to speak. See and feel what an elliptical exercise machine can do for you!

Source by Ronn Espy