Ep.5 Learning How to Meal Prep for Weight Loss | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding

Week 7 of Dianne’s Fit-for-Wedding Challenge is all about meal preparation and managing to fit in her workouts. Nutrition is 70-80% of weight loss, so taking time and efforts to buy whole, natural foods and prepare them each week in proper portions is key to losing weight. This episode follows Dianne and her grocery shopping and food prep process with her trainer, Holly Pinkham, when she visits Dianne at home to see if she’s truly buying and preparing her foods the way she needs to be.
She comes home from her grocery shopping with the following items, all personal-trainer approved: old fashioned oats, 2% Greek yogurt, almond milk (unsweetened vanilla), organic rice cakes, almond butter, hummus, carrots, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, celery, cherries, sweet potatoes, pre-made organic chicken breast, and lean ground turkey.

When Holly comes over, she seems pretty satisfied with Dianne’s choices, and her start at fixing her meals, which include:
• Breakfast: Oatmeal, yogurt, or whole grain toast with avocado and hardboiled eggs
• Snacks: Rice cakes with almond butter and cherries, or hummus or baby carrots and celery sticks with hummus
• Lunch: Sautéed Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and pan fried ground turkey seasoned with salt, pepper and all-purpose seasoning
• Dinner: ….Oops! Dianne realizes she totally forgot to buy dinner items!
Going back to my old habits again of ordering take out or delivery for dinner with her fiance, she doesn’t even include it in her meal prep time. Holly also shows her that she needs to weight and measure her food, after Dianne seems to be just guessing at amounts of food to eat at each meal.

After discussing the importance of carefully preparing whole, organic, natural foods and why those are best for weight loss and health, Holly and Dianne discuss her workouts. Dianne shares that she hasn’t been getting in strength training apart from her sessions with Holly.

Holly gifts her with equipment from ProSourceFit.com – 10-pound neoprene dumbbells and a whole set of stackable resistance bands, which will enable Dianne to workout at home. Holly shows her some exercises, like squat-to-press with the dumbbells, and lunges with bicep curls; she can use the resistance bands to do tricep extensions and shoulder raises. The resistance bands even include a door hook and ankle straps to use with the door to do some leg work as well, like hamstring curls, glute kickbacks, lat pull-downs and chest presses.
When Dianne weighs herself, she comes in at 157.6, and loses almost 1 more inch overall!

Try Dianne’s At-Home Strength Training Routine – 3 rounds of 15-20 reps each. If you don’t have a door anchor, tie your resistance band around a very sturdy object. You can get the bands at prosourcefit.com.
• Resistance Band Core Rotation (with band anchored in door)
• Reverse Lunges with Dumbbell Bicep Curl
• Resistance Band Chest Press (with band anchored in door)
• Resistance Band Squat to Row (with band anchored in door)
• Bent Over Back Row (with dumbbells or resistance band)
• Lateral Shoulder Raises (with dumbbells or resistance band)

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To get personalized nutrition coaching from Holly Pinkham, visit her website: www.renewalfitcoach.com