Episode 648: How Caloric Surpluses & Deficits Affect Muscle Growth & MORE

648: How Caloric Surpluses & Deficits Affect Muscle Growth, Body Distortion & Eating Disorders Among Women & Men, Dream Podcast Guests & MORE

Organifi Quah!

In this episode of Quah, sponsored by Organifi (organifi.com, code “mindpump” for 20% off), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about why women are typically more susceptible to body distortion and eating disorders and/or food relationship issues than men are, what is happening to your body when you aren’t eating in a surplus or a deficit and are going through MAPS Anabolic, the opportunities in the fitness plan market now that bodybuilding.com has made their previously free workout plans a monthly subscription service and their top 3 dream podcast guests.

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