Green Smoothie Diet Questions – How Many Shakes Do I Drink?

One of the latest trends in weight loss is the green smoothie diet. There are many websites out there dedicated to this natural, holistic way to cleansing the body and losing a few of those unwanted pounds. The trouble with most of these sites is the lack of a FAQs section that can truly answer the real questions people have about the plan.

How many shakes do I drink?

There is varying information on the web about the exact number of ounces to drink per day. It seems most trusted websites claim between 70 and 80 ounces per day. Remember, these shakes or green smoothies will be replacing food in the diet so 80 ounces is not that much.

Men and women will have different caloric needs, in most cases. Men who are trying to detox only may be able to drink more green smoothies throughout the day. If weight loss is the plan, the 80 ounce limit should be followed very closely.

Each recipe will have a different number of total calories. For optimal health and weight loss, try to keep the calories consumed between 1300 and 1500 per day. This is a better way to control your green smoothie intake than planning a specific number of shakes.

Adding More Calories

If you feel jittery or hungry during the first few days on the plan this is normal. The body will push out the toxins that have built up which can cause a feeling that is uncomfortable. A sharp reduction in calories can also cause this feeling, so make sure to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables during the day to keep hunger at bay.

Source by Y Mustafelli