Happy, Healthy, Slim and Trim

Weight loss can be a daily battle. It needn’t be. Most weight loss diets don’t really satisfy hunger. Some are not always nutritious. Finding satisfying diet recipes can be daunting. And, they aren’t always adaptable to everyone’s metabolism. Weight loss recipes focus on reducing weight when they should focus on eating healthy and feeling satisfied.

There are a wealth of recipes available. None provide true incentive to maintain a healthy weight which should always be determined by a physician. Unless there is a chemical metabolic reason for weight gain, a change in attitude must come before following any weight loss program.

Most overweight individuals fail to recognize true balance in their diets. People naturally eat more when they are tired, bored or under extreme stress. Often, illness can also trigger changes in appetite. But, this doesn’t mean that a positive change in attitude can’t aid in weight loss.

Some people maintain the same weight for decades. Others are mystified by this. We all possess certain habits that balance with our sense of creature comfort. Food is a very important part of this and the reason certain foods are known as “comfort foods”.

Here’s where attitude comes into play: People living in farm areas find pulling a bright red, juicy tomato off the vine comfort for stress in their daily lives. People in more urban areas may prefer a hot bowl of chicken soup.

Weight loss recipes center around the idea of causing weight loss. Eating a lot of leafy green vegetables, yolkless omelets, avoiding bread, fried foods and dessert are general advice. The monotony of the same weight loss diet is usually the reason it can’t be maintained for long periods of time. So….What to do?

Instead of a regimen of weight loss recipes, how about weight maintenance recipes that promote good health without monotony? Example: Freshly caught fish topped with tarragon or basil and added to chopped garlic with a drizzle of olive oil for an unusual crust. Cook in parchment packets in microwave till tender. Fresh herbs marry well with meats and fish. Create your own signature style of recipes. Chicken is excellent sautéed with lemon juice and a little red wine. To bring out the flavor of the chicken, use fresh marjoram, thyme or sage.

How about this tasty treat? Carrot sticks rolled in a little olive oil and cinnamon. Infuse oil olive in a small bowl with a spritz of lemon juice and then roll in cinnamon. Another snack treat has a Morrocan zing to it: Chop carrots, celery and red onion into small chunks in a 4-cup bowl. Add raisins and a dash of cumin, chili powder, cinnamon and curry to taste. Blend well with a small amount of olive oil and vinegar and serve on a tray with crackers. Fruits make excellent mélanges when paired with citrus juices: papaya, cantaloupe, pineapple and oranges satisfy any sweet tooth.

With a small change in attitude, you can create weight loss recipes with zing!

Source by Lucy Bushman