Hemadrol and Muscle Hypertrophy – Hemadrol Benefits

Hypertrophy is the process where muscles enlarge, thus producing much greater force. This especially concerns athletes that require great muscular mass for competitions. The best training that promotes muscle hypertrophy is resistance training. Resistance training can be devastating if not done properly so it can meet your goals.

Before I begin explaining the best training to promote strength and hypertrophy, let’s take a look at what happens on cellular level during this training. The muscle contraction creates protein elements. The main protein elements are the mysosin and the actin filaments that create sliding cross bridges, bridges that create force. Every muscle contains thousands of these filaments, and to make it simple, a large number of filaments are required to create a big amount of force and power.

In the period of resistance training, the body must adapt to higher muscle stress, therefore increasing the number of myosin and actin filaments. The increase in myosin and actin filaments results in a larger amount of sarcomeres on muscle tissue. You should know that the number of muscle fibers doesn’t really increase, their size does. These increases take a long time to get noticed, first the twitch muscle fibers increase and mostly, after a period of up to seven weeks a significant difference will be noted.

Ok, so now that you know the basic cellular level reactions, what is the best training that promotes considerable muscle hypertrophy?

Well, obviously repeated lifts of heavy weights are needed to train the muscles. So, the key is repetition, but how much weight is needed to make the training successful?

Most people talk about volume of training. Let’s say you make three sets of eight to ten repetitions. That would make a volume of thirty repetitions. This is a good way to track progress over weeks and months. However, you must decide for yourself how much weight you can you can take so a set can contain ten repetitions.

For example, if you decide to make three sets per day and you know that it’s a struggle to make ten repetitions with thirty kilograms, there’s no point in lifting that much weight. Try with lighter weights so you can maintain a constant number of sets and repetitions. And always remember during your trainings that your body will need a supply of water and proteins, otherwise you won’t promote strength gain.

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Source by Jean Helmet