Hidden Calories in Your Drinks

Many people who are concerned about weight loss tend to overlook the countless calories which we gain from beverages. Let’s look at our daily drink menu, glass of juice for breakfast (170 cal), café latte with milk in the afternoon (260 cal), sweetened ice tea during lunch (120 cal), fruit smoothie in the mid afternoon (300 cal), and a glass of wine during dinner (170 cal). All of these drinks add up to a daily total of 1, 020 calories.

Given that our diets are based on 2,000 calories daily, you have less than 1,000 calories left for food! So what can we do in order to reduce our intake of these hidden pounds?   The first step is always having water with your meals. You can add a slice of lime or lemon or even a splash of juice to liven things up a bit. Water should be you r best friend at all times. Second step is remembering that size matters when it comes to the amount of calories a drink has. A small glass of juice will have fewer calories. The same goes for wine.

If you enjoy wine in the evening, by all means don’t give it up. However, try to stop yourself from having more than one glass. And last but certainly not least, whenever possible choose real fruit over fruit juice. Instead of a glass of orange juice, have an orange. You will save at least 50 calories.   Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, practicing healthy drinking habits is important. Weight loss is difficult enough without the added hardship of choosing the right beverages. Aside from drinks, remember to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and take the time to read about all natural diet pills and whey protein shakes. 

Source by Lyla Feldman