Home Fitness Guide – A Review of the Superior Dumbbell Workout

The Superior Dumbbell Workout is a program developed by Coach Eddie Lomax which uses primarily Dumbbells as the training tools. This is one of the best “anti-bodybuilding” dumbbell training guides out there.

Most dumbbell training guides out there feature the same old boring workouts. However, Coach Lomax mixes it up with a variety of unique exercises such as dumbbell swings, snatches, and cleans. These are exercises you will not see in most dumbbell fitness guides. Besides the unique exercises, it is the structure of the program that is truly unique. Coach Lomax takes you through three phases of training. The three phases of the program consists of:

  • Grinding Slow Lift Supersets
  • Explosive Quick Lift Timed Circuits
  • Slow & Quick Peripheral Heart Action
  • Dumbbell Combo Matrixes

Each phase incorporates more difficult exercises, each time shocking your body into new levels of fitness. Each workout is followed for 4 weeks before moving onto the next workout. So 4 workouts, performed for 4 weeks each, 3 phases is equal to 48 weeks of training!

So lets get onto the real review part. I needed to tell you what the workouts incorporated to illustrate to you how much variety there is in this program. There are really just two ways to progress with any training program: Difficult Exercises and Intensity Techniques.

The more exercises you know how perform, and the more intensity techniques you incorporate in your training, the fitter you will become. Most of the training techniques taught out on the market are bodybuilding related.

However, there is absolutely no one out there teaching athletic and functional fitness training techniques and exercises the way CoachLomax is. This is truly a unique Dumbbell fitness guide. There is no time for boring isolation work in Coach Lomax’s programs.

Source by Parth Shah