Home Gym – Get Your Daily Dose of Exercise the Easy Way

We all know that we need a little bit of exercise on a daily basis to help keep us fit, stress free and make us feel good about ourselves. But we all also know that once we get home from a hard days work its so easy to come up with many reasons why we can’t go out again to exercise. You know how it is, you put off going to the gym because you have to wait too long for the equipment or you delay going to the pool because its too crowded or take a rain check on going out for a run because its started to rain. Well the answer is you don’t have to go out at all, why not create your very own mini gym right there in your own home. A home gym could be just what you need to help fit an exercise routine into your busy schedule, its the ultimate in workout convenience.

But don’t worry I’m not talking about filling your home with huge pieces of equipment either because you can get an excellent full body workout by using just the bare minimum of equipment and basically using your body weight as resistance. To start off with a yoga mat and a couple of resistance bands would be enough to get you going. The great thing is you can split a half hours daily exercise session into two quick and easy 15 minute sessions and squeeze these into your day wherever it best suits you. For example 15 minutes of yoga stretching in the morning is a great way to start the day and then 15 minutes of either aerobics or strength training in the evening should be achievable for most of us.

We should try to get a mixture of stretching, aerobics and strengthening exercises across the week to best promote good health.


All you need is a yoga mat and you are set. Get yourself a good yoga dvd or alternatively follow one of the many YouTube sessions for free.

Strengthening Exercises

Basic exercises such as press-ups and sit-ups promote upper body strength using just your body weight. As you progress your routine a pull up bar can be easily installed in a doorway so you can do pull ups too. Resistance bands (and dumbells) can be utilised to add other upper body strength exercises. Your lower body can be strengthened and toned with squats and lunge variations.


The best way to get a quick aerobic workout is to follow a fun workout DVD that has you moving around to some great music, you’ll be working out but you’ll be having fun too.

The great thing about having a home gym is that you can squeeze in a quick 10-15 minute workout when it suits you and not really know you have been working out because its over before you know it. As with most exercise routines consistency is the key, if you can do 30 minutes a day (split 2 x 15 minutes or even 3 x 10 minutes) for 5 days a week regularly you should see an amazing improvement in your fitness and health.

Source by Meg Arnold