Home One Two – Home Exercise to Lose Weight

Mere dieting and cutting down on the quantum and quality of food will not enable a person to lose weight. A complete weight reduction program is a combination of both dieting and exercising, which can be achieved by doing home exercise to lose weight. But being a part of today’s busy world, many of us do not have the right time to spare for exercises. The best exercise options are available in a gym or outdoors. But lack of time prohibits many of us from using the best mode of exercise available.

However, we need not lose hear because there are lot of activities including home exercise to lose weight. These are equally effective and promise as good results as going to a gym. Exercises can be broadly classified into two parts; aerobic and strength training exercises. Aerobic exercises burn calories while strength training exercises also contribute to weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate when the body is at rest which is commonly referred to as RMR.

Another important point to be borne in mind with regard to strength training exercises and home exercise to lose weight is that it takes much more calories to keep you muscles in shape that it takes to maintain you unused fat. So it makes great sense to bring your body to shape and then the body’s metabolic rate will take care of stabilizing the weight within the desired limits. Remember muscles need more calories to stay fit than fat do. Home exercise to lose weight is a good option to keep muscles fit and healthy.

Coming to some common home exercise to lose weight, here are some common ones which could be very useful. Sit ups. This is a good exercise which really burns calories and at the same time tones the muscles of our leg, things abdomen, etc. Initially this could be a difficult exercise but becomes easier with practice. Pushups are another common home exercise to lose weight. This exercise is basically a strength training exercise as the shoulders and arms are made to bear almost a major part of our body weight. This exercise building very strong shoulder and arm muscles. Skipping is another excellent aerobic exercise which is easy to perform and helps burn significant amount of calories if done regularly.

Source by Timothy Haines