How to Do the Royal Court Exercise ‘Hindu’ Push-Ups

Friends, we are back and we are going over the Yoga-Esque exercises made popular by Matt Furey and known as the Royal Court Exercises.

In this portion, we will be going over the Hindu Push Ups.

Okay, now for THIS exercise, Matt was completely right.

(Who knows he may be right in his description of Hindu Squats, all I know is they seem not to be worth the pain hence the afore-mentioned ‘sumo’ method.)

Now, back to the Hindu Push-up, like all great bodyweight exercises, not only will it build immense upper body strength (hey it is a push-up), they increase you flexibility in your entire body, (yes legs included) tone and strengthen virtually every muscle and owing to the ‘downward dog like’ inversion, you get an added bonus of blood flow to the head, namely the brain and face.

So, let’s get started.

Here’s How to Perform a Hindu Pushup (Dand)

-Start off like you are about to do regular push ups, then spread your legs/feet as wide as possible. (When I do these bad boys, I jump my feet apart first then put my hands on the floor, but whatever works for you…)

-Now walk your hands back towards you so you are in an inverted V position as in the

1. Downward Facing Dog in the Sun Salutations Series

2. First Position of the 5th Tibetan rite.

-Okay, empty the lungs, then start bending your elbows so that your body comes forward. Your hips will come down towards the floor.

-Before your head hits the floor, however, start to arch your spine so that you are looking towards the ceiling.

-Straighten your arms and give your back a nice, cobra pose stretch and INHALE.

(You may read elsewhere online that you exhale here, however, inhalations are always when the lungs naturally are in an expanded position while the exhalations are in the opposite!)

-Keep your arms straight and push your butt back to the starting position while EXHALING.

Now, if you reference the previous article you will see that I said you want to do half the number of squats in Hindu push-ups.

So if you did about 40 squats to start with, 20 push-ups it is and so on and so forth!

In the next article I will be discussing the Bridging Exercises.

To Health, Naturally,

Foras Aje

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