How to Increase Arm Strength – The 4 Best Arm Strengthening Exercises!

Wondering how to increase arm strength? Well, the obvious way to do that would be to follow a strength training routine that implements specific exercises for your biceps (front of your upper arm) and your triceps (back if your upper arm). As for which exercises to incorporate into the program, that’s exactly what I’m going to lay out for you.

Arm Strengthening Exercises

Standing Easy Bar Curls: The biceps are called into play whenever you arm goes from a straight position to a bent position. So, to strengthen the biceps, you just need to flex your arms against resistance. The standing easy bar curls are a great exercise for arm strength. The purpose of the using an easy curl bar is to alleviate some of the pressure from your wrists that you’d experience if you were using a straight bar.

Lying Easy Bar Extensions: The triceps – which oppose the biceps – are strengthened when you extend your arm against resistance. The lying easy bar extensions are a great way to strengthen the arms and as with the curls, the purpose of using the easy bar for this movement is to alleviate the stress from your wrists.

Standing Dumbbell Curls: The best way to perform the dumbbell curl exercise is to turn your palms upwards as you flex your arms. Also, a little trick is to perform duel repetitions until you reach muscular fatigue and once you do, switch things up a bit and perform repetitions with one arm at a time. That way, you’ll get a little extra recovery time between repetitions.

Cable Pushdowns: This is a great exercise to not only increase the strength of your triceps but also to tone the back of your arms. There’s several handles that you can use – each of which trigger a different muscle recruitment pattern. I personally like to use the rope and as I extend my arms, I twist my wrists so that my knuckles are facing the ground as my arms are fully extended.

Source by Bill Forestell