How To Stay Motivated For Lifelong Fitness

Many of us who include in our life a regularly planned schedule for physical fitness understand the importance it has on our day-to-day lives and helps in making us look and feel better.

Those of us who do not find the time to include daily exercise in their life generally lack the motivation and therefore the discipline to get started no less keep up a regular fitness program.

When it comes to staying motivated to a life long fitness program, you have to know what the long-term rewards are to begin with. Without the internal drive and the vision of what being healthy as we age looks and feels like, following a fitness program will be more like work rather than a way to build and create a healthier body.

As we age, it becomes more important than ever to begin to get into a preventative state of mind when it comes to our health. All it takes is one major medical crisis to arise that can throw everything you have worked for into disarray.

And it generally is a medical problem that could have possibly been avoided in the first place had they taken a proactive approach when it comes to their health.

Obesity which is not only a problem in the US but is increasingly becoming a problem around the world for instance, is shortening the lives of many due to its associated problems that come with it such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and stroke for instance.

As we age, it is important to understand that it is not the quantity of life that is important but the quality of life that we desire to have. We can be proactive in increasing our odds that we will live with a higher quality of life as we age by taking the time each day to become physically fit.

Also by becoming physically fit through strength training, cardiovascular training and a stretching program, we feel better, look better and, our self-esteem increases which will lead to healthier and more productive days ahead.

If you for instance plan to stay active during your retirement years by taking on a new occupation part-time or start a business you have always dreamed about but didn’t have the time, then your health will be the determining factor whether you can move forward or not.

All the financial planning in the world will not help you if you develop chronic medical problems as you age due to not looking after your health earlier. The cost of healthcare is astronomical and, chronic diseases due to inactivity and poor eating habits can destroy the nest egg you worked so hard to achieve the way the current US healthcare system is set up.

Only you can control your destiny by taking the time to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine which involves exercise, eating a low-fat, high protein diet and, getting adequate sleep each night.

Your health is your wealth, you cannot do anything in life without it.

Source by Richard A Haynes