Improve Memory and Concentration With These Eastern Techniques

Several decades ago, those who touted alternative methods of health and healing were considered fanatics. After all, medical advances were proving that scientific methods of improving life were quantifiable, leaving alternative and traditional practices suffering from a lack of attention. The tides have seemed to turn, however, in the first part of this century. People are more interested in working in ways that are in harmony with their body and all sorts of alternative techniques are not only being widely used, but scientifically proven in the process. Improving memory and concentration is a concern shared by many; eastern techniques are shown to be quite effective in this area.


One of the most widely used eastern techniques is meditation. This is a powerful tool for concentration and memory. In addition, it is free and can be learned by anyone. There is no need to go see an “expert” in the field or get specific training. For this reason, it is a highly-recommended tool for increasing your focus. Meditation is simple to practice. It is the basic technique of focusing on an object or thought in a concentrated way. Many eastern disciplines recommend that certain positions and breathing techniques be employed. However, these are largely mental cues that trigger your brain and body to slow down and get into the moment. You can meditate in any situation and under any circumstances. While sitting cross-legged may make the technique more effective, it isn’t entirely necessary to gain the benefit. There are two main eastern techniques that are used to meditate. The main difference is what you are focusing on. Some people find that it is most effective to pick a number or a simple object and keep their focus centered on that item. When you find other things crowding in, push those thoughts and worries away and return to the object. Another common technique to improve concentration is to meditate on a particular mental picture. Create a mental environment and keep yourself firmly planted in that picture to improve memory and concentration. Focus on deep breathing to maintain your concentration.


Yoga is so popular in the United States that many people forget that this discipline has eastern roots. Yoga is both a physical and mental experience, strengthening both body and mind. Yoga not only trains your brain for concentration, but also increases physical performance as well. Yoga only looks easy; once you have tried it, however, you quickly realize that it is serious exercise! Finally, keep in mind that physical activity releases endorphins, a chemical that boosts energy, making it easier to concentrate.


No study of eastern techniques is complete without discussing the value of herbal care. Herbs have always been a part of eastern medicine. There is really an herb that is suitable for every priority, including memory and concentration. Ginseng is an eastern herb that is highly used to promote healthy brain function. Skullcap, valerian and gingko biloba are also recommended to increase concentration and focus. Most herbs are completely safe to use; however, it’s always best to check for contraindications and possible side effects before beginning an herbal regimen to improve concentration.

Memory and concentration can be elusive. However, eastern techniques have been promoting good mental performance for centuries. Using eastern techniques to improve memory and concentration in this area of your life makes sense. The recommendations are consistent and there is research backing up the use of these techniques.

Source by Toshi O.