Isometric Strength Training – Old Strong Men Isometric Secrets Re-Discovered

What did the old strong men know that gave them super human strength?

The simple principle of a 7 second long isometric muscle contraction which stimulate muscle growth, build strength and have enormous health benefits. The father of isometrics “Alexander Zass” comes to mind. He snapped steel chains wrapped around his chest or remember the images of Alexander Zass catching a woman fired from a canon.

Today, isometrics is a scientifically proven method to sculpt your body and skyrocket your strength in just seconds. Sounds to good to be true but it works. How can you with a 7 second exercise accomplish what others can’t accomplish with an hour of daily tedious repetitive work outs in the gym?

Recent studies and studies in the past have shown that not length or duration of an exercise is important to stimulate muscle growth and build strength, but that intensity of an exercise plays a far greater role to stimulate muscle growth and build strength. During an isometric muscle contraction a specific muscle or group of muscles is contracted for 7 seconds with intensity.

This intense contraction causes a complete exhaustion of the muscle fibers. When these muscles are being relaxed, an increased flow of blood delivers an increase of oxygen and nutrition to these muscles. Each exercise is being done once for 7 seconds. A combination of several exercises for as little as 10 minutes a day produce astonishing results in muscle growth and well being. It is hard to believe but it does work.

The beauty of isometrics is, that it is done in a static position, rather than being dynamic through a range of motion. Which means that isometrics can be done anywhere, anytime without any exercise equipment. Many isometric exercises can be done sitting on a chair at a desk. No trip to the gym necessary. No expensive workout machines needed. This makes isometric exercises perfect for people working at a desk or in any restricted area. There are many isometric exercises that can be done sitting at a desk.

Isometric strength training is also very useful for martial artists, wrestlers and boxers who are looking for a superior method to improve their strength, increase mobility and energy level. You may have heard of Paul O’Brien online. Paul has re-discovered isometrics and increased his strength to super human strength which he demonstrates in videos online. Paul can bench-press and lift 400 lbs which is more than twice his body weight!

A wonderful resource on isometrics is Paul O’Brien’s E-book. 7 Seconds to a perfect body.

Isometrics was the secret of the old strongmen like Alexander Zass, Maxick, Mike Marvel and others.

Isometric training is an old method re-discovered.

Source by Bernd Kriesten