Learn Prasara Yoga – The Prasara Primer Review

Prasara yoga is a new and exciting form of yoga, first introduced in 2007. Like most forms of yoga, Prasara is excellent for developing core strength, balance, and flexibility. What sets it apart from other styles is the addition of flow, or dynamic movement. This simple addition turns a normal yoga routine into a full fledged, calorie-burning workout.

Because Prasara is so new, it can be difficult to find a qualified yoga instructor. Luckily enough, a new product has recently been released to take care of that problem: The Prasara Primer.

So what does the Prasara Primer have to offer?

First off, you get the Prasara Primer Course Manual. It’s a 60+ page book that explains each individual exercise in detailed but simple terms. There are also photographs of every form and pose, so you know exactly how to perform them.

Secondly, you get 60 Flow videos. The first 15 are demonstration videos, showing the power and grace of Prasara yoga. The remaining 45 are instructional videos. They walk you through the movements and poses, demonstrating correct form and posture.

Third, you get the Prasara Yoga Training Guide. This guide showcases 5 different programs you can use to integrate Prasara into your existing routine. Simply choose which path you’re interested in: Weight loss, muscle building, or endurance training, then follow the appropriate program guide. This is a great addition because it allows you to tailor your workout to your specific goals.

Overall, the Prasara Primer is an excellent introduction to Prasara Yoga. Everything you need to get started is included. The videos are clear and concise, and the manual covers all of the basic forms and flows.

Source by Pivari Kapur