Leptin And Weight Loss For Women [It Is The Master Hormone, Very Important]

https://whatisweightlossabout.com to learn more on the subject of weight loss. But, leptin and weight loss for women, wow, it is a crucial hormone that controls 100% of your body’s ability to burn fat.

If you have high levels of this hormone leptin. It will, therefore, speed up your metabolism. It will send signals to your body to burn fat.

However, low levels of Leptin slow down your metabolism. It will send signals to your body to store fat.

As a matter of fact. The research will tell us this. Women have twice as much Leptin, the fat-burning hormone in their body, in comparison to me.
This is a little bit of good news, however, here is the bad news. Women will struggle so much with their weight. Finding it hard to lose their unattractive body fat, and finding it a problem keeping it off.

This is because women are 3x less responsive than men at receiving the leptin signals. As a matter of fact. Although women have a lot more leptin than men. They just do not use it properly.

A Condition that we call LEPTIN RESISTANCE. A visible sign of leptin resistance in women is the soft, often squishy flesh found in the person’s problem areas.

However, leptin resistance is just one of two problems that kill female fat loss.

It is not good news for the diet I am afraid. As when women are “On” a diet. Their leptin levels can drop twice as much, and also double as fast. This is when you compare it to men dieting.

Therefore, when leptin levels drop, your metabolism hits the breaks and slows right down.

This is why women hit the “Plateau” (when your weight loss doesn’t happen much anymore, if at all). They do so much quicker than men.

And, here is something to take into your thoughts. Have you ever had the problem where you lose some weight, only to regain it? Well, this is because your metabolism is so much slower because of the diet. Even more so than it was before you began the “Diet.”

So, even though you are eating next to nothing, you are still putting weight on. I know from personal experience how frustrating this can be. It is your leptin level.

So, a quick recap. You have a problem in losing weight is for 2 reasons
1) You may have leptin resistance. It is like having the body fat-burning switch set to off.

2)The significant drop in your leptin levels when you go on a diet, well, believe it or not. To lose weight in the first place.

Whichever one of these 2 it might be. It is worth ruling the 2 out first before you even think of quitting through frustration. It is not your fault.