Meditation: Benefits of Deep Meditation

An enlightened soul once explained the human quest for peace and happiness this way; He said the deer spends its lifetime searching for the kasturi, little does it realize that it carries the kasturi in its navel.

Everyone longs for peace and happiness in their lives. Some find it during their lifetime while most others don’t, and more often than not because they went searching for it in all the wrong places in the first place! The human sub-conscience is a reservoir of knowledge, peace, happiness and a multitude of ideas. And deep meditation is one sure shot way of opening the gates to that reservoir as it is a state where the mind is not thinking, feeling, understanding or reacting to ay external stimuli. It just lies in a state of dormant inactivity and yet it is uniquely aware of the true nature of most things.

Samyama is a deep meditation practice that takes advantage of our inner stillness (silence). The practice of Samyama develops in us a sense of “seeing stillness in action and action in stillness.” In this state, our desires become expressions of our inner silence and we can find fulfillment in actions and thoughts.

In the Samyama form of meditation, once the period of concentration is up, it is followed by rest for a minute or two before a gradual transition into Samyama. The mind goes into an easy state of not thinking, just resting in silence. If any thoughts come, they are discarded. In Samyama practice, any form of chanting or mantra (sound) is not entertained instead the mind is left in a state of easy silence. The whole foundation of the Samyama is based on silence, and attaining of that silence within us through deep meditation.

In most people the term deep meditation conjures up an image of a sitting in an upright position, and concentrating or focusing one’s thoughts on just one specific point or thought. While meditating this way works for some, it does not have to be the same for all. Different strokes for different folks; for some people, deep meditation is simply about “not doing” anything. They relax the body by lying down comfortably on the back, listening to calming music and just letting the mind find its own way. Meditation should be about what works best for you keeping the end result in mind, which is finding inner peace and happiness

Practicing Deep meditation give us an insight into the nature of our being. It allows us to experience our emotions and thoughts with great clarity. When the focus of the mind is shifted from self-centeredness, negativity and confusion, the mind, body and soul learn to exist in complete peace and harmony and the heart is opened to deeper wisdom and compassion.

Source by Radhakrishnan K Gurudas