Meditation – The Best Form of Relaxation

Meditation is an age old technique that originated from ancient India. Meditation is known to be a wonderful key to achieve a calm and relaxed state of mind. There are different types and techniques of meditation that can bring in dramatic results to improving your wellness. If you’re interested in adapting meditation exercises to promote relaxation, it would be wise to have a good understanding of the various types of meditation exercises you can do either by yourself of with a mentor.

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation can be a wonderful way to combine physical activity along with meditation exercises. Walking meditation is popular among monks who live in monasteries. Monasteries have walkways where the monks can walk and meditate at the same time.

To practice walking meditation, to find some place where you can walk either in a circular or square motion for a minimum of 15 minutes with no disturbances. The key idea behind is to walk rhythamatically or in a constant pattern, which would have a relaxing impact on the mind. Before starting the walk, make sure you do some deep breathing and then start walking slowly. Try and be aware of your body and movements, as well as your surroundings. It is very important to keep trying to empty your mind from any thoughts; the moment you find any thought beginning to intrude your mind, you have to push it right away and bring back your awareness to the body and the walking. Walking meditation can be very helpful in achieving a stress-free mind.

Prayer Meditation

Prayer meditation can be a very powerful tool in achieving a relaxed mind. Prayer meditation, unlike the name suggests, does not have to be religious at all. It could be practiced by anyone. No matter what religion you belong to or practice, you can achieve the fruits of prayer meditation yourself just by immersing in it. No doubt religion could help you in focusing your thoughts while praying, but this does not have to be a pre-requisite. Prayer meditation can be practiced within the confines of your own home or any other place without distractions. The method to be followed is to say a prayer that declares yourself being one with the universe, invoking power to flow into your body to heal yourself.


Visualization is a meditation technique wherein you start visualizing yourself being in a very relaxed state of mind in a very relaxed atmosphere. Guided visualization techniques are widely used by medical professionals and therapists these days to help patients achieve a relaxed state of mind. Under guided visualization therapy, the therapist ask the patient to visualize himself in a very relaxing environment. You can engage in this meditation technique by settling in a comfortable position followed by a few deep breaths and then visualizing yourself in a relaxed environment.

Source by Terje Brooks