Men and Muscles: Fatal Attraction

Muscles appeal to men like lipsticks attract women – they just have to have them and most men dedicate many gym hours building muscles. Although, it may sometimes seem quizzical for the ladies, they let their men have their way.

It is common knowledge that big-bodied men have it better than skinny guys — power and girls. Studies show that bigger guys just have more confidence than the scrawny ones and that is why many boys are raring to hit the gym.

Furthermore, men tend to believe that because more muscle gets their way in a man’s world, they also assume that muscles appeal to women the same way. Unfortunately, not all women like muscular guys.

The ways to build muscle: Exercise and Diet

Muscle Building takes dedication and understanding, people has to understand how the body works. Without the right idea on how to build muscle, the gym hours and the watchful dieting may seem pointless.

What to eat to build muscles quickly

When you are lifting weights and wanting it to happen fast, the words, “you are what you eat” matters now more than ever. In conjunction with the proper exercise, you can build more muscles by eating the right types of food and eating them more frequently unlike before.

Although, one will be quick to say that protein is what you have to eat most during this time, it would be wrong to say that it should only be the type of food to eat.

Protein is the most important food group where muscle building is concerned. In order to build muscles, you should eat a lot of high and lean protein foods.

Chicken breast

Salmon or Mackerel

Lean Beef


Cottage cheese


Low-fat yoghurt


Walnuts or cashew

Carbohydrates may seem odd when muscle gain is concerned but actually it plays a vital role to the whole process. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and when exercising to increase muscle mass, more carbohydrates are needed to fuel the body.

Brown Rice

Baked potatoes




Starchy vegetables

Fats cannot be disregarded when growing muscle as it is important for metabolism. Fats enhance stamina and can allow you to train more by eliminating over training symptoms.


Fish oil

Olive oil


Virgin coconut oil


Peanut butter

How to build muscle through exercise:

The key to gain muscles is to start your routine slowly. Even if you want to build muscles fast, you cannot rush your body to it. Shocking the body with intense workouts will just result to body pain.

1. Weight lifting: the goal of weight lifting is to increase body strength or grow muscle. The idea is that the stronger you get, the more muscle you build. Some strength training exercises that you can do are:


Bench press


2. Compound exercises: these are coordinated exercises that utilize several muscle groups. Such exercises build muscles quickly while also improving athleticism.


Bicep curls

Source by Joanna Stevens