Moms & Microsoft Excel – Organizing Medical & Vet Records

Motherhood is a tough job. And managing those little humans and all the school work, medical records, toys, clothes, and attitudes that come along with them can be exhausting and time consuming. So I am looking for ways to boost your motherhood productivity from experts at getting the most out of an employee’s day at the office.

Today I am joined by my friend and fellow professional organizer Janet Jackson of Organization Solutions, LLC in Piqua, Ohio. Janet is an expert at using all of the Microsoft Office apps and that’s why I wanted to talk to her about using Excel to help organize our family.

Even if your family only has a primary care doctor and dentist, there are lots of appointments and things that happen at appointments that it is important to know. And when you start adding specialists and individual patient portals for each office, it can be exhausting and time consuming to find information that you need quickly and efficiently. The is exactly why Janet developed the Excel spreadsheet for doctors and vet records she features in the video today. If it is something like the date of your last tetanus shot, do you really want to go to a website, remember your login, remember you password and search for the information you need? OR would you rather open one spreadsheet with a collection of the basic, important information you need for your family and find it in a matter of seconds???

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