My Braces Update Post Removal

Hi Lovelies, my name is Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant and I’d like to welcome you to my channel, the Other Side of the Dash? Well, I’ve lived one half of my life, and with it came many lessons, experiences, heartaches, ups and down, milestones, achievements—you name it. I have no idea when God will take me out of this life, but it is my goal to make the time I have left on this earth the best I can.

On this lifestyle channel, you’ll find everything from health topics, beauty tips and tricks, motivational talks, girl talks, cooking tips, fashion and so much more. I often tell people I’m a baby boomer because it’s the generation I so much relate to, but the truth is, I’m a generation Xer. Funny thing is, I relate to baby boomers with my old soul and act like a Generation Yer or Generation Zer since raising my granddaughter. With that being said, I’ll be bringing you MY life from MY perspective, whichever generation I may be playing it from at that time.

I invited you to stay a while, laugh, cry, share, ask questions as we share this journey of life on the Other side of the Dash.

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