Penis Exercises – Free Supplements to Accelerate Your Growth

Let’s take a minute or two to talk about supplements. I don’t want to talk about the ones you’re taking to make your biceps bigger either. I want to talk about all the supplements on the market that are supposedly designed to make your penis larger. That’s right, I’m talking about all those pills on the market these days that are promising to make your “Willy” grow an inch or two.

If you’ve stayed up late at night and watched an infomercials on t..v., I’m sure you’ve seen the ads they’ve got out now. They have all these men on camera with these beautiful women and they’re bragging about how they got “Much bigger” from taking a little pill. If you’re like me, you can watch about five minutes of this show and the phone is in your right hand while your wallet is in your left.

I want a pill that will make me bigger, sure. The only questions are, what if it doesn’t work? What are the side effects? How much does it cost? And will it hurt? After I’ve answered those questions in my mind by watching their slick ads on TV, I’m in the middle of putting in my credit card number when I realize something.

All of the ingredients of those “Super formulas” are “Dietary Supplements” that I can buy at a health food store. So instead of taking something that has too much of one thing and not enough of another, why don’t I try out the different ingredients separately to see which ones work for me? Then, if I find a good mix for my body, I’ll take those and leave the rest alone.

So what I’ve done is made some notes here about some of the typical ingredients you’ll find in “those other pills” so you can see for yourself. Remember, what worked for me may not work for you. Most of the results you’ll see, if any, are only temporary and you have to take some pretty high doses of some pretty dangerous things but if you want to make your woman happy, you’ll probably be like me and just use what you need, nothing else. One thing I will say though, before you start a vitamin regimen, make sure you’re aware of the potential side effects of each supplement. And make sure you don’t have a heart condition. Check with your doctor if you have any questions.

Supplements which effect sexual heath, blood circulation and expansion.

L-lysine – Effects the bodies production of hormones and growth.

Saw Palmetto – used for prostate health. Aphrodisiac properties and helps with erectile function

Pygeum –

Super B Complex – helps regulate antioxidants, stimulates the immune system, helps red blood cells

Yohimbine – reverses SSRI (Selective Seretonin Re-uptake Inhibitors; ie: Prozac.) effects, used as aphrodisiac

Muira Puama Extract – used as aphrodisiac

Schizandra, Tribulus Terrestris, Vitamin C, Zinc

Green Tea which raises DHT – which aids in the production of Testosterone

BlueBerries , Pomagranates, Korean Ginsing, Horny Goat Weed, Pycnogenol, Omega 3, Grape seed extract, Arginine, Carnitine, Tribulis, Tongkat, Damiana

Drink: Ginger, Black tea, Lemon juice, honey

Avoid – Antidepressants, bipolar medication, skullcap herb, any medication with SSRI’s, high blood pressure pills, mood stabilizers, tranquilizers, MAOI’s, tricycles, steroids, smoking, too much alcohol.

Source by Dr. Henry Dutchensen