Protein, Eating Clean, and Focus – How to Destroy Your Excess Body Weight

Everyone is trying to lose weight today. From all different fads and all the different programs, people struggle with their weight. I found weight loss to be more difficult when I turned 30. In my 20s, my metabolism was pretty efficient. With some strength training, I was able to eat what I wanted and maintain my weight. Since crossing over into my thirties, I have found that my metabolism has slowed and now I have to employ different tricks to stoke my calorie burning furnace.

As such, I found three effective steps that will help you with your weight loss and more importantly, make it sustainable.

1. Eat lots of protein.

Shocking, I know. Many diets state that protein is the essential item for muscle maintenance and building. And they are correct. Muscle mass consumes more calories therefore it is in your interest to gain more muscle mass. And some protein is essential towards this task. Essential sources are chicken breast, lean steak, beans, nuts, and whey protein. You should consume at least 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal. This single step is very effective, particularly if you are currently consuming a high carbohydrate diet.

2. Eat clean. Squeaky clean.

Eating clean is a wonderful philosophy. I was turned onto this type of diet when reading about the primal blueprint. For those of you who are not familiar, the primal diet consists of eating as man has traditionally eaten in his history. Consuming animal protein and vegetables are key to this diet. Anything processed, be it from a freezer bag or any other source that is not coming from the earth or from nature itself should be avoided. Sugar for example, is commonly consumed today. There are many studies that suggest a strong correlation between increased sugar consumption and increased fat storage. Sugar can be found in so many different sources, so be careful. Even the natural sugar in fruit is something to be careful of and therefore should be consumed earlier in the day when the body can use that sugar for fuel. In a brief experiment, I ate clean for one day. In that day, I dropped 2 pounds of weight. While some will argue this is water weight, I’m convinced that eating clearly and simply is most the effective tool in your weight loss. And of course, you can eat cleanly for 90% of the time and still get results.

3. Exercise with intent and focus.

Most people exercise with the understanding that its necessary and just go through the motions. But you should exercise with intent and focus. When you exercise, do so with the intention of getting your body strong and into the best shape possible. Visualize your ultimate body, which will create the necessary mental alignment to perform your best during your workout. Take that sharp focus while you’re exercising by locking in on the movements you make. I recently began using Shaun T’s Focus T25 program, available through the Beach Body Company. This is a program of alternating DVDs that employ different forms of exercises ranging from cardio to resistance training, particularly bodyweight resistance. The program’s goal is to focus you to work out with precision and energy. This level of focus and intensity revs up the body’s metabolism and makes it a furnace for burning fat.

Follow these key steps and watch the weight fall off.

Source by Daniel Paul D’Aniello