Psoriasis Treatment – Overcoming Personal Barriers!

Millions of people suffer from psoriasis without a solution until today… find it out how!

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Arturo Mesquite’s passion is helping people get to the root cause of their health issues, treating malnutrition, removing trauma and physical pain from the body with the purpose of reconnecting them to their true self, promoting vitality and happiness in every aspect of their lives. An all-inclusive innovative approach to healthcare management via 3 stages: Neurological treatment resets, Thyroid Rehab nourishes the body and Self Discovery heals the mind.

Not very many of us understand how to get and stay healthy. That’s why we feel tired and sad. That’s why we gain weight and often develop devastating diseases. That’s why we have such low self-esteem. That’s why sometimes life hardly seems worth living. And yet we work so hard at getting fit.

We’ve tried every diet that ever becomes a best seller. We buy exercise equipment. We join gyms. It all seems so complicated and difficult. Despite all of the money we spend, we continue to gain weight and feel tired. And the more we try to feel good the more hopeless we feel until all too often we just give up. Getting healthy is not nearly as complicated as we’ve all been lead to believe. I can help you reach your health goal with my total wellness approach.
Arturo Mesquite is a leader in the world of nutrition and mind body balance. Having provided treatments at Passages Malibu Rehab and Season’s Recovery Centers in Malibu, CA. Arturo is a firm believer in treating the whole person by utilizing the human body’s innate ability to heal. Fifteen years of experience makes Arturo one of the most respected names in the health industry. Arturo has helped many Hollywood stars, fashion designers, fitness celebrities and most recently a middleweight world champion boxer. Arturo maintains a practice in Beverly Hills, CA since 2002. He also offers services in NYC and abroad, regularly practicing in Zurich, Switzerland.