Rapid Thermal Fat Loss For Women – How Effective Is It?

Is rapid thermal fat loss for women really the best and the healthiest way? Let me tell you that the foods we eat are the biggest deciding factors for losing our fat. Hence, we need to concentrate on the foods which burn fat and integrate them into our meals daily.

If you are looking for achieving permanent fat loss, then you need to be patient. You need to do something that has proved itself quite effective. You have to combine regular exercise with healthy eating. The food that increases our metabolism is also the food that burns fat. Just imagine this, your body is a furnace and it needs the right kind of fuel so that it can burn hot for longer duration of time. So, the process when food ignites your furnace it continuously produces heat and this is known as thermal effect. This is how rapid thermal fat loss for women works. Proteins are the food category that helps us achieve thermal fat loss. The common protein rich foods are fish, meat, cheese, and eggs.

For our body to fully utilize the proteins that are responsible for restoring and building the body, it must first be separated into tiny amino acid segments and then again put together in the peptide chain. Such a process requires lots of calories. Since proteins burn fat, just make sure that you include 3 ounces in every meal. One more thing is that, due to aging process, the metabolism decreases 3%-5% after crossing mid thirties. Hence, when women hit age 55, they must take an approximate 150 calories lesser than what they used to in their 20s. Women’s metabolism is usually 10%-15% lower compared to men’s due to low muscle mass. Various strength training exercises can increase lean body tissues that are metabolically active. Each of these metabolically active muscles will burn 35-50 calories each day. The rapid thermal fat loss for women is a healthy mix of healthy fat burning food items and strength training exercises.

Source by Hans Chia