The Benefits of a Weight Bench For a Strength Training Gym

The benefits of adding a weight bench for your strength training gym at home is obvious.  The classic compound exercise, bench press, is done on a bench.  Step into any gym and the first exercise you’ll see someone doing is the bench press.  They’re everywhere.  Bench presses, when done correctly, helps build chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles.  They also build horizontal pushing strength while lying down.  You can also get a much stronger grip when handling heavier weights with bench presses on a weight bench.  

So with just a bench, you can build upper body pushing muscles.  You build strength in the pushing muscles like chest and shoulders.  You also get to do a variety or exercises with the bench press.  You can adjust the bench to different angles at heights.  They’re pre-set when bought with the weight bench.  Adjust the bench to a lower level to do decline bench press.  Make it higher in the incline position for incline presses.  Then there is the standard flat position for regular presses.  Do them with dumbbells in both hands and you can pull off db presses easily.  Overall, we can name at least 2 dozen compound exercises when we combine the press and the row together.  That’s a full body workout itself.  Throw in a full squat rack or rack handles and you are now able to do squats and deadlifts within the home gym.  

Build a home gym today by adding a weight bench.  Don’t worry about commuting to the local gym or paying exorbitant gym membership fees anymore.  It’ll save you time and hassle and you will be able to get in a better workout without all the annoyances and distractions that come with the overly commercialized gym.  You also don’t have to wait for a piece of equipment to be done.

Source by Zhi Q Huang