The Benefits Of Tantra Yoga for Women

Tantra yoga for women is a much larger concept that most would believe. It definitely is not merely about making the woman a more suitable receptacle of a man’s sexual advances. Yoga is an ancient Indian system of postures and exercises that strengthen the body and lend it more flexibility. This promotes overall health and helps channel all energy more fruitfully – whether it is sexual or spiritual energy.

Today’s stressful and hectic pace of life has not spared women – they are as subject to fatigue and burnout as men are. Tantra yoga is a refined form of the ancient yogic sciences that calms the mind and promotes energy. It is quite different from conventional forms of exercise; we tend to consume energy in sports and other strenuous exercises, while tantra yoga actually generates energy. Taught by an experienced tantra teacher, tantric yoga is in fact a great boon to the modern woman.

In tantric yoga, slow and steady movements are used to segue from one posture into another. The practitioner maintains each posture for a certain prescribed period, breathing calmly and unhurriedly. A full sequence of tantra yoga exercises is usually followed by a period of quiet meditation. The tantra master supervising the process often provides calming instructions and suggestions to induce this meditative state.

Tantric yoga is an ideal way for women to regain health and well-being. The very nature of this system is gentleness, which is the essential virtue of the sacred feminine. There is very little danger of injury if tantra yoga is practiced under the guidance of an experienced tantric teacher. At no point is the yogic student required to go beyond endurance limits. The accent is on smooth, balanced and symmetric movements and postures which stretch, tone and energize every part of the body. The emphasis on symmetry and balance brings with it mental and emotional balance, as well.

Contrary to misconceptions, women of all ages can practice tantric yoga without limitations. A good tantra teacher will be able to modify and customize the postures and stretches according to age and physical condition. Tantric yoga is a stress-free, powerful and extremely effective exercise system that can work miracles for women of all age groups and body types. If a woman wants a healthy way of life that is free from strain and stress, she should most definitely learn tantra yoga under a qualified tantric master.

To answer a final question that will doubtlessly arise in the mind of the reader – yes, tantric yoga also revitalizes a woman’s sexual experience and enjoyment. Both physically and emotionally, this system enables her to reach her fullest sexual potential. However, this is not the primary objective of tantra yoga. It is merely one of the many benefits it brings with it.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta