The Freshman 15 – Don’t Be The Girl That Entered School Cute and Left Chubby

Every year tons of young adults across the country go away to school for the very first time. These students are now in a position to make decisions about their lives for themselves without their parents guiding them. One of the decisions that they have to make is about food. Without structure, students in their first year of school end up making erratic eating choices that end up quickly in weight gain. It’s usually the girls that display this weight gain because they are done growing (as opposed to many of the boys) and they don’t exercise as much. There are a variety of ways that girls can avoid the Freshman Fifteen.

Girls need to take survey of their new friends to see who might want to join them in making some healthy choices. This does not mean that they can’t have a good time and party, which is often a right of passage freshman year of school. It just means that they may want to think twice before ordering pizza late at night on a regular basis.

Also, it’s a good idea for these girls to watch their beverage consumption at parties. Drinks at parties can pack on weight. It’s better for them to limit beverage consumption and spend more time dancing (which burns lots of calories) then drinking. The social choices that these young women make will determine if they gain the Freshman 15 or the Freshman 5.

One of the best things that a young woman can is to find friends that she can exercise with. Recent research supports the theory that your social group can make you fat. You basically pick up the habits of the people around you. College is great time for these women to get together and workout as opposed to pig out. Almost every College and University has a gym and various exercise classes that these girls can choose from. Exercise DVD’s are a great choice for girls living in a dorm or sorority house. They can play them on their TV’s or laptops. In addition, there are a couple of new websites that allow people to download videos and many of the videos are fitness and exercise DVD’s.

Source by Renee Feldman