The Ultimate "Gymless" Fat Burning Workout

Last weekend, I took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island. When I arrived, I decided to catch a quick fat burning workout in the hopes of counteracting the excessive eating and drinking that would soon follow. As I was walking towards the local gym, I noticed a beautiful park. When I saw the monkey bars, a light bulb went off in my head.

Why on earth would I go on vacation just to end up in a gym, when I can just as easily get a great workout outdoors, while enjoying the amazing weather? Besides, I don’t use exercise machines anyway, so being inside a gyms is unnecessary for me. I made a decision then and there: I was going to perform an outdoor 30-minute fat burning workout using only bodyweight exercises.

I quickly designed a circuit training routine that would suit my needs. As I was warming up, a pretty ripped guy and his girlfriend came up to me. I could tell by his physique that he had a good deal of training experience. He said “Hey, aren’t you John Alvino?” I was shocked to be recognized in Rhode Island, of all places! I said “Yea, I’m John, who are you?” He said “My name is Chris; I’ve read your articles in Men’s Fitness for years now.”

I was so flattered that he recognized me, I asked if he and his girl wanted to train with me.

Chris said “I’d love to work out with you, but I don’t have a membership at the gym here.” I laughed and said, “Gym? We don’t need a gym, bro. We’ve got everything we need right here!” He seemed confused, but at the same time, he was curious and open to whatever I was going to throw his way. So here’s the bodyweight routine I cooked up:

1a) Push Ups x max

1b) Pistol Squats x max

1c) Chin Ups x max

1d) Wind Sprints 25 yards there and back

1e) Wrist To Knee Sit-Up x 15-20

The three of us did not rest in between sets, and thus, we were able to get through 6 rounds of this routine in 30 minutes. Immediately following the workout, Chris and his girlfriend told me, “Wow, that was the best workout we’ve had in years!” I agreed that we had a great workout, and enjoyed the great weather at the same time. We said our goodbyes, and I went off to the beach to meet my buddies for a relaxing day in the sun.

This is a perfect example of how you don’t have to spend half of your life in a well-equipped gym. In fact, I firmly believe that the bodyweight exercises we performed that day are far superior to a typical machine-based training routine.

So ditch those machines, break away from tradition, and start to get real results!

Source by John Alvino