Theta Healing to Eliminate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There is no known reason why some people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. It is commonly thought that is a product of the mind or our thinking. Theta Healing deals with energy and this is also considered to be a product of the mind. As a result, this challenge is almost tailor-made to be healed by Theta Healing.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms is also described as a medical condition of unknown origin with prolonged tiredness, depression, aches and fever, which typically occurs after a bout with a viral infection. This is one definition of chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating and complex disorder that affects millions of people.

With no definite cure available, many medical practitioners try to set up regular exercise schedules and dietary supplements to help those with CFS to overcome this condition. These treatments are rarely successful. Regular exercise and a healthy diet have proved to be beneficial.

A discovery in the 1990’s, called Theta Healing, has become very well known in the world of holistic healing. This approach has helped many who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. Theta is a type of energy healing that is reached through the subconscious level of mind. It is believed that many illnesses are caused by blockages which can be cleared through Theta Healing techniques. This is why one can conclude that Theta energy healing is a better technique than some of the other therapies used today. Here are some of the reasons:

• Theta Energy healing can prompt faster healing. If the client has faith that the process works and he will be healed, then the process will work faster.

• Massage therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms is a very slow-going process and may only temporarily relieve some of the physical symptoms. The mind, if depressed, will re-manifest the pain if it is not healed.

• Clearing your mind by being well hydrated and concentrating on any blockages such as focusing whatever you might think is lacking in your life, will help you to identify what may be causing your body to react negatively.

• Working with Theta natural healing is working with energy. Your subconscious reaches the theta level when you are about to fall asleep and when you are about to wake up. This is when the body replenishes itself.

• Medical therapies may take months. Theta Healing is usually quick and sometimes, it is instantaneous.

• With the guidance of a good Theta Healing practitioner and with practice, you will be able to enter your subconscious and facilitate self-healing.

Theta Healing is a healthy and effective way to bring chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms under control without drugs or long therapies that may not work.

Source by Sheila T Baumann