Three Benefits of Meditation to The Law of Attraction

It was by chance that I learned that Meditation can bring great benefits to my practice of the Law of Attraction. In fact, learning to meditate brought a profound change to my life. When you spend long enough time of meditation, you will discover that it can benefit you in many different ways. But knowing just three benefits of meditation will spur you on to use it for the Attraction Law.

What are the 3 benefits of meditation? It can help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. These are great reasons to set you diving into deep meditation.

1st Benefit – Physical

When you get serious on meditation, you will find that you suddenly get more energy, have better concentration and focus during the day and sleep better at nights. Meditation allows us to relax and focus and tune our minds so that we draw top quality energy within and push out tensions that weigh us down as we go about our daily activities.

With this reduced stress, we find that our immunity to sickness increases. Our emotional and mental states are so balanced that it has a powerful effect on our health and we can use this to our advantage.

2nd Benefit – Mental

It was interesting to read that scientist who studied meditation, found that when someone is meditating, his brain activity shifts from the right frontal cortex (stress-prone area of brain) to the more peaceful left frontal cortex. When our minds are focused on this region, stress, fears and all other bad thoughts and negative emotions impacts us less.

Stress is inevitable in the world today and many a times, we finish work and still carry the stress of our work home to our family and even our sleep. If stress is not released, we are building up a pressure cooker of stress that will explode one day.

3rd Benefit – Emotional

True meditation brings us balance to our lives – physically and mentally. And this also leads to emotional balance. This balance brings better interaction with the world around us. When we are stressed, we react to things very quickly. But now, we are less reactive and even when faced with high stressed situations, we maintain our peace and not lose our tempers, get nerve wrecked and act irrationally.

You will realize that the more balanced we are, the more power we have over our own lives. We spend more time thinking a situation through than simply reacting as we usually do.

This is just a quick tour of how learning to meditate can empower your daily lives. Learning to let go of all the stress and worries of daily life, learning to tune in and know ourselves better, and the ability to focus and improve our minds; these are the wonders of meditation.

And when you add these benefits of meditation to the amazing wonders of the Law of Attraction, you will see how wonderful life can truly be.

Source by Steve Lobe