Tips on Performing Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushups

When people start training with Hindu Pushups and Hindu Squats they are often surprised at how difficult these bodyweight exercises can be. I remember the first time I tried a Hindu Pushup. My body felt so un-natural, stiff, and awkward. I think I could only do 5 of them the first time. However, I kept at it and before long my muscles started to learn how to work together like they were meant to. The motion you want to achieve is like a rolling ocean wave rising up onto the shore. The motion should be fluid. Even now I’m not quite at the “fluid” stage for this exercise, but I’m getting there. Below are some more tips that I’ve picked up that you might find useful when performing these bodyweight exercises.

One question I get asked is how fast or how slow should you perform the Hindu pushups? The answer is it’s really up to you. I recommend mixing it up a little for maximum effect. So, on one day you might go as fast as you can while still maintaining good form. On another day you might go as slow as possible. Going slow is really tough. Try it and see.

Another thing people find tough about the Hindu pushups is that it can bother their wrists somewhat as this joint is generally somewhat weak. In order to avoid this issue when first starting out try to keep your hands at the 11 and 1 O’Clock positions when performing the pushup. This should alleviate any discomfort that you feel.

With a bodyweight exercise like Hindu Squats it is often not a bad idea to warm up the knees first before beginning. This is particularly important if your knees are tight or stiff for whatever reasons. One way to do this is to perform the Hindu squat until you’re in the squat position. Now, rather than coming up just hold this position for a few breaths. This should help warm-up your knees a great deal.

Another bodyweight warmup exercise you can do for you knees is called Bent Knee Circles. This is a wam-up you might recognize from martial arts class. For this all you do is keep your legs together and bend at the knees a little. Now, place both hands on your knees and start to move them in a circular fashion. Go in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. 10 in each direction should suffice.

One piece of advice that applies to both of these bodyweight exercises, not to mention any others that you might do, is that you ALWAYS want to use your mind. FOCUS on what you’re doing. Turn off the music and TV. The person who focuses on what they are doing will get 10 times more out of the exercise than the person who doesn’t.

Focus your mind by counting and visualizing the reps as you perform the Hindu pushup or Hindu squat. By turning your Physical training into Mental training, you will also be improving your Focus in all areas of your life.

Source by David Nordmark