Treating Psoriasis with Diet and Supplements

Psoriasis is a complex skin disease affecting around 3% of the global population. If not treated, it can lead to psoriatic arthritis — a more severe inflammation of the joints, which affects almost a third of all people with psoriasis and leads to severely lowered quality of life. [2]

For this reason, it is important to know that psoriasis is not a condition that can be brushed aside like other skin conditions

In my recent video, “Treating Psoriasis with Diet and Supplements”, I discuss which changes in dietary and lifestyle habits to make and which supplements to take as an effective and natural way of handling and treating this disease.
Cat’s Claw ( — helps eliminate viruses from the body — take in liquid form
Lemon Balm ( — helps eliminate viruses from the body — take in tablet form
Spirulina ( — helps eliminate toxins from the body — take in powder or tablet form
Licorice root ( — strengthens the elimination organs of the body — take as a tea to drink throughout the day (unsweetened)
Quercetin and Vitamin C together ( — eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system — take in capsule form
B- complex ( + B12 ( — strengthen the immune system and provide cells with energy
vitamin D3 – take in liquid form or gel capsules (

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