Viviscal for men… 1 MONTH REVIEW!!!

Well here we are at the one-month mark of my Viviscal journey…

Time seemingly has flown I have to say, it has been and continues to be extremely easy, effortless, greatly positive and having said that I very much look forward to the coming months, as my hair continues to improve in health and condition, I look forward to seeing the results. I am not going to give away anything in this description but all I can say is I am honest, open and I intend to cover all the effects and changes in this journey and if something changes for the better or the worse, you’ll be sure to know.

One of the biggest things I like about Viviscal is that you have reassurance of quality of what’s gone into the development of the product and the quality of the ingredients. Sure, you can purchase a much cheaper alternative but I just wonder the level of ingredients, the quality and the science behind them. With Viviscal you can take comfort from the knowledge of the many success stories, you only have to visit online. Now of course there are stories where it hasn’t been so positive but like with many things but more so with hair and scalp health with how complex and varied these issues can be, some people it will work for, others it will not. But with Viviscal surely with their staged timeline of what to expect, (you’ll see this in my video) that Viviscal is worth a try if only for the boost of their specialised ingredients for hair, if only for your existing hair growth and to improve this with condition, vitality and health. This is how I try to look at things and bear this in mind for when evaluating change to my hair whilst taking Viviscal.

Viviscal boasts 25 years of hair research, which one can only believe would help assist in a number of hair concerns and fingers crossed it gets things nice, full and thick helping us sport those hairstyles and desired looks we so greatly crave. Viviscal boasts Zinc with marine protein complex AminoMar C something I am putting my faith into, to keep my hair thick and encourage those areas I’d like to be a little denser. However, we all know that hair is not so easy as that, so I ensure I maintain a healthy varied diet, plenty of exercise and ensure I use good quality products on my hair. With this in mind I believe then I can offer a well-balanced number one chance for things to work and improve and number two this enables me to offer a fair, truthful and honest evaluation.

The past for me has been good when I have used Viviscal, so I hope I see the results again, however you just never known hair certainly acts in very strange ways and even the slightest thing being out of balance in the body can lead to change with hair let alone other factors.

I am hoping this all sounds good, if you’d like to follow and learn more why not watch my videoclip?

At this point we have discussed initially starting Viviscal, and my one-month mark, I intend to go on to report and evaluate my 3-month mark and then again at six months.

Thank you very much for watching…

My best wishes to you!

Wishing you thick and healthy hair!