Viviscal for men… 3 MONTH REVIEW!!!

Welcome to my Viviscal 3-month milestone! Viviscal for men the health revamp for those hair follicles which may be in need of some serious TLC and boost of health and vitality. Viviscal supports and nurtures the follicles with a rich supplement to bring hair back to its optimum health. I have indeed noticed some differences in my hair which have improved and continue to do so.

You may ask yourself is it all just smoke and mirrors, or in hair terms a good volumizing product and strong hold freeze spray. NOT AT ALL, it my personal opinion I truly believe Viviscal is a great addition to your haircare regime for bringing hair back to health and looking after the scalp environment to encourage the best of your hair. The best thing of all the more time that seems to pass the better the results you see. Of course this is different for all people, some people may see differences very quickly at 2 to 3 months into their journey others may see the results or differences at 6 to 7 months of their journey, I believe everyone’s Viviscal journey is very personal and individual just as no person is the same and of course each persons experience will vary. But conclude my opinion I believe there is lots of positivity to be had for your hair with using Viviscal, unfortunately I have read that for some people they gain little benefit and unfortunately sadly it may not work for all, but I hope many will enjoy the benefits I have, even if it’s just not seeing lots of hair in the shower, in the bath or seeing excessive hair fall when styling your hair, as of course if your rate of loss has slowed down or significantly reduced then there’s more hair on the scalp, that’s my thinking anyway.

For my hair it seems to have woken up and I know that sounds cheesy, but it really does I can personally look upon my own experience and report this, not from someone else or sound unrealistic sounding story from the internet. But please, now I don’t mean your grow tonnes and tonnes of new hair, I mean in terms of natural volume to your hair, the feeling of hair actually having its own character rather than just seeming washed out and limp sitting there flat on your head, possibly showing far too much scalp through than you’d like. Plus! When you start to feel the little tiny spiky hairs at your hairline then you’ll know your on the right course to a thicker and fuller healthier head of hair. Here’s hoping you enjoy these benefits to your hair!

Want to know more??? Absolutely, I’ll be happy to share…

Thank you for watching, my very best wishes to you!!!