Weight Loss, Think Safe and Effective

Weight loss plans can be confusing because there is lots of information but knowing what is good and what is not is sometimes a difficult task. Should you go with calorie counting or a low carbohydrate diet or should you perhaps choose a high protein diet or one of the liquid diets? The important thing to remember about weight loss plans is that your goal is not simply to lose weight but to be as healthy as you can possibly be. You do not want to put your health at risk to drop pounds!

Safe and effective are two words that you must keep at the front of your mind as you look at various plans. There are many plans that cannot guarantee either of these things and these are the type you should wave goodbye to.

The question then becomes- how do you recognize a plan that is neither safe nor effective in order to steer clear of it?

First of all, a weight loss plan that is nothing more than a gimmick or a way to separate you from your money will promise results that are very unrealistic. A safe weight loss program is such that you should not lose anymore than one to two pounds a week.

Any plan that expects you to buy special foods, beverages or supplements is not going to work and is a waste of your money. As well, while dieting you need to eat foods that you will continue to eat after you have lost the weight. Maintenance is very important. All of the fruits, veggies and whole grains you require can be purchased at a supermarket.

Any weight loss regime that encourages you to not eat foods that are healthy or else one that wants you to completely eliminate specific food groups from your daily diet will not be safe and effective and is actually very unhealthy. You could end up with a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency if you follow such a weight loss plan.

If a diet plan does not take into consideration your lifestyle or such things as your age, activity level, any medical conditions you have or your nutritional requirements then it is not a good bet. Keep looking.

Source by DJ Raymond