Weight Loss with Diet Pill And Exercise – Perfect Solution to Obesity

Most diet pills claim to help you lose weight even without diet and exercise. It all sounds too good to be true, and it probably is. According to reports, the best path to weight loss is with diet pill and exercise. Taking diet pills alone is not enough, especially if you are suffering from obesity or morbid obesity.

Diet pills

You may have seen the ads, “burn fat fast!” and have been tempted to buy a diet pill from your neighborhood drug store. Don’t blame yourself – buying a diet pill certainly seems like a good idea especially if you have tried several conventional weight loss diets without success. But diet pills are not the perfect solution to weight loss. Worse, if used incorrectly, they could probably be dangerous to your health.

Are they effective?

Research has shown that with diet pill and exercise, weight loss may be easier to achieve. According to new research, diet pills work much better accompanied by the hard work of dieting and exercise.

The National Institutes of Health says this is especially true for those suffering from obesity. Taking a diet pill alone cannot solve your weight loss problems. But with exercise and dieting, you are well on your way.


The NIH experimented with a group of obese individuals, having them take the diet drug Meridia, while enrolling them in a strict 1,500-calorie diet and an exercise program. Results reveal that these people have dropped as much as 27 pounds, nearly double of that by diet and exercise alone.

Take only prescribed pills

If you are thinking of a weight loss with diet pill and exercise, make sure that the diet pill you are taking has been approved by the US FDA. Some of the pills approved include orlistat, rimonabant, and meridia. Weight loss with diet pill and exercise are the perfect partners in achieving a healthy body.

Source by Phillip England