Work Out, Get Skinny and Still Keep Your Butt

Often when folks work out, especially ladies, they worry about losing their butts. Let’s face it, the butt is a complicated part of the body to shape exactly right. If you need to shed some fat from your body, you might not really want to shed inches in your caboose too.

That was my initial question when I started seeing a personal trainer some months ago. Can I lose weight but make my butt rounder? The trainer admitted it was a legitimate question, but he wasn’t quite sure how to answer it. He told me that muscle training and cardio would get me in the best shape of my life, however my rear would become toned and, as a result, be smaller. ” It’s normal,” he told me.

“Speak for yourself,” I thought. “My husband likes my butt round.” He was worried about me working out, because he didn’t want me muscular looking.

The gym trainer knew a lot about working out, but he apparently knew very little about being a woman. My goal was not the same as a man’s, or even a female bodybuilder. I desired to shape up and build muscles but not lose my curves and femininity.

I began to think my goal was ridiculous and impossible until I thought of the Victoria’s Secret models. You could bounce a quarter off of every one of those girls, and yet they are still the ideal of the sexy, feminine woman. Their physiques appear long and supple, but they are also really fit.

That’s when I started on my quest to find out how to get fit without losing my feminine shape.

Here are a few things I have learned:


I know it seems that Yoga has been overdone. Before I tried it, it didn’t seem like it could actually change the shape of my body, but rather only improve flexibility and relaxation. Then I started noticing that almost all of the women who had the body type I desired listed Yoga as part of their fitness routines. Apparently, it really tones the muscles while at the same time elongating them, to end up with that long, slender look I had so admired. Yoga is low impact as well, and easy to start at any age or fitness level.

You Gotta Eat Protein

Dietary protein is necessary for muscle building. If you try to lose fat pounds through cardio or cutting calories without getting enough protein, you will begin looking emaciated, with sagging skin and your bones showing. Also, your head will seem too big for your body. We’ve all seen the photos of female actresses and models who have “bobble heads.” That is exactly how it looks when you strip fat and not build muscle.

Targeted Muscle Building or Body Sculpting

There are tons of different body shapes. I had slightly larger than normal breasts, too many fat rolls in the middle, narrow hips, and minuscule calves. I needed to target different muscles than someone with a different body ratio. And not only does it matter what body shape you START with, but what body shape you hope to END UP with. I needed to build muscle in my ab, butt, hip and calf areas while simultaneously losing fat all over, especially in my ab and thigh areas. But I didn’t want to lose so much fat that I end up with no boobs, no butt, and a tired-looking face. I know it sounds complicated, but a combination of the RIGHT muscle building exercises, the right diet, and the correct amount of cardio, the body shape you desire is well within reach. Even if you think your body “just won’t do that.”

Source by Anna Hardwick