Yoga Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Modern life puts human body out of rest and eyes are no exception. Recent awareness among people about yoga has brought happiness in many lives. The happiness is because of the healthy life that results from daily yoga practice. Likewise, awareness about yoga exercises to improve eyesight has received much attention.

There are two reasons why yoga practitioners insist on eye exercises.

• Over a period of time, your eyes gets fatigued from overuse and also become very weak.

• If your eyes are in tension, then you will also be in tension since the eyes are connected to the brain via the optic nerve.

There are many simple yoga exercises to improve eyesight and also to overcome the above said problems.

Preliminary Yogic Vision Exercises

It is always better to start slow in yoga and then gradually you can increase the repetitions. For beginners, below are easy yoga exercises to improve eyesight.

Exercise 1

• Keep your head still with your neck and back straight

• Raise your eyes towards upwards

• Then drop your eyes to the bottom

• Without blinking repeat ten times

• Close and then relax your eyes

Exercise 2

• Look upwards and then look downwards

• Move your eyes to the left and then to your right

• Slowly try to make it rotate as clockwise

• Then rotate your eyes anti-clockwise

• Blink and close your eyes

• Repeat 4 or 5 times

Exercise 3

• Take two pencils

• Hold one pencil to your right and the other pencil to your left

• Move your eyes towards the left pointing the pencil

• Then again move your eyes towards the right pointing the pencil

• Likewise, repeat the exercise 3 or 4 times

Exercise 4

• Focus on the area between your eyebrows which is called your “third eye” without blinking. Then close your eyes and relax for a few seconds. It may feel uncomfortable to do in the beginning but with time, this posture will become easier to do. This is a very effective yoga exercise to improve vision.

Exercise 5

• Close your eyes very firmly as possible you can

• Rub your eyes thoroughly to contract so that your eyes muscles contract

• Hold this contraction for few seconds and let it go

Exercise 6

• This exercise is very relaxing and its called “Palming” also this is an ideal exercise to finish off your yoga exercise to improve vision

• Be seated in the floor

• Close your eyes

• Raise your knees having your feet rest in the floor

• Rub your palms effectively and charge them with electricity

• Place your palm in your eyes

• Both the fingers should be crossed with each other and stay relaxed

• Leave your elbows to rest on your raised knees

• Keep your neck and head straight

• Breath deeply while you do palming

Other Recommendations

Other than the above exercises there are many yoga exercise to improve your vision. If practiced diligently your vision will certainly improve.

Source by Vasantha C