Yoga for Beginners – Essential Requirements for Health Benefits

Yoga teaches us how to maintain harmony between various forces acting on our body. In case, we are not taking care of our body, yoga shows us the way to restore our health by taking control of our mind and body. It is in our hands to take charge of our body. There are certain yoga basics which should be followed while practicing yoga.

Regular practice. Do yoga regularly, even if you do couple of yoga asanas or pranayama in a day. Therefore, you should decide how much time to devote daily for yoga and then follow it strictly. Beginners should not make very ambitious plans as yoga requires patience. Set realistic targets and achieve them, it provides motivation for continuing yoga practice. For beginners, 30 minutes to one hour of yoga practice is adequate. Do not expect miracles overnight. Do not strain yourself while doing asanas. Your progress in yoga will depend on your age and health at the time of starting yoga. One month of yoga practice can show positive results for most of the beginners. Practice yoga in a neat and well ventilated room by putting a yoga mat on the floor. If weather is comfortable, practicing yoga in a lawn early in the morning can be a wonderful experience.

Time for yoga practice. It is recommended to have a fixed time each day for yoga practice. One to two hours before sunrise is the ideal time for yoga practice as oxygen content is high and there are no distractions. As per your convenience, yoga can be practiced in evening also provided you are not too much tired. Do not eat anything three hours before doing yoga.

Ensure proper diet. Make sure your diet comprises of plenty of nuts, fruits, salads and leafy vegetables. Chew your food properly. Do not be in a hurry when eating food. Avoid tea or coffee, if possible. Limit yourself to maximum two cups of either tea or coffee per day. Reduce your sugar intake, avoid junk foods and untimely snacks. Strictly avoid tobacco as it will nullify the benefits of pranayama. Try to avoid alcohol. It is required to make gradual changes to your diet and make it a way of life.

Avoid constipation. Constipation is one of the ailments which can prevent you from enjoying full benefits of yoga. Drink enough water and include sufficient fiber in your food to avoid constipation. Your bowels should be clear in the morning before yoga practice.

Mental frame of mind for yoga. Try to keep your mind cool and calm at all times. Yoga practice is not complete if mind keeps wandering. For most of the asanas concentrate on the body part being affected by that asana or on your breathing. A peaceful mind is essential for gaining perfect health, strength and vitality.

Essentially yoga practice involves the following aspects:

  • Restraining of senses.
  • Following a simple diet.
  • Controlling the mind.
  • Proper breathing and relaxation.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Regular meditation.
  • Continuous introspection to identify your weaknesses for self improvement.

Do not forget to take a long rest lying in shava asana for 5 to 10 minutes after your yoga practice.

Source by Daljit Kaur