Yoga Height Increase Exercise Scams – My Story

There are numerous websites offering Yoga height Increase exercise courses at several hundred dollars -They promise to add on several inches to your height in a matter of days with as little as 5 minutes a daily exercise. I have gone through a number of these products, as a 5’4 male my stature has always been the Achilles Heel of my self esteem. Many of these programs were not only ineffective but dangerous as well -These so called Yoga Height Increase Exercises consisted of various stretches that could cause muscle tear or at the very least, strain.

Following my disappointment with these products, I would request a refund from the sellers under their 100% refund guarantee policy. After several days of waiting and having received no reply from these scam artists, I would find that their web page had been taken down and there was no trace of them or their product left.

I read of similar experiences from people like me on related forums and yahoo answers and it became clear that there was a wide group of salesmen trying to scam the likes of us of several hundred dollars of our money. I wasn’t going to let these negative experiences stop me however from finding a solution to my height problem. I began thoroughly researching every product I found online before proceeding with a purchase and I advise all my readers to do the same. You must do your homework before buying any of these grow taller products online if you are going to avoid being scammed like so many of us are.

After months of research I was able to find a seller who was open to answering questions and reservations I may have had regarding his product and was transparent during the entire exchange process-including helping me with the program even after the purchase had been made. The product consists of exercises, diets and other elements that are not only comprehensive and effective but were also compiled with safety in mind.

3 Months later, I am very satisfied with the results and the pleasant, smooth transaction, and I do wholeheartedly recommend Dr Darwin Smith’, Grow Taller 4 Idiots program to anyone else out there suffering from low self esteem because of their height. I do strongly encourage everyone to follow through with their own research before buying any product online, because I learned the importance of that lesson the hard way -and you should not have to.

Source by James M Carr